Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tech tools - Help us out with some collaboration advice

Everyday a new tool floats across my inbox... Today wasn't a new tool, but Gmail added an "Undo" to sent emails... What an awesome idea! This new feature gives us 5 seconds to recall that email and look it over for one more round of edits or to throw it out completely. No more forgetting to attach a file, no more nasty emails... I now have five seconds to recognize that I shouldn't have hit the send button.

In the last two weeks I have run across so many tools including Twine (, Google Reader (Okay, this one isn't new, but I've fallen in love) and Twitter (Again, not new, but man, I can't get enough).

All of these tools further our connectedness and potential for collaboration, but how does this translate into the work place? The Gmail "Undo" sent option sure would translate, but would Twine or Twitter?

Clearspace and other new collaboration platforms are now being adopted in organizations as they try and capitalize on the existing knowledge capital they've acquired over the years. Lots of companies have had success, but many have not realized what they had intended. Why? We are embarking on a journey at our company and what do you think it will take for us to be successful?

I've got no answers for anyone, so I'm hoping that readers of this blog can help us share their stories (Good or bad) about experiences with collaboration software in a corporate environment. We are hoping to drum up some advice to help us with our implementation, so please share! Help me and my team out!

Thanks in advance!

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