Saturday, April 11, 2009

My new obsession, twitter

I must say I really love the web2.0 revolution... These new services are targeted at exactly at me! I've become obsessed with twitter! Learning about tags, #followfriday's and gathering followers (I'm up to 37 at the time of the writting). I love the fact that a service like twitter, which has yet to come up with some kind of business model, has gathered such a large and devout following. It makes me laugh on the inside the shear volume of traffic that yet to be monetized at all, but I love it!!

This service really speaks to the geek in me... I now have twitter on my cell phone and connected to facebook. I use multiple twitter clients and I'm always musing about different ways to integrate the tool into different web ideas. I love integration and twitter just seems to be integrated with everything!

Anyways, I'm going to enjoy the long weekend! Just sharing my new obsession (Go check it out and follow MrBrockman on twitter).


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  1. Hey! I just found a Tweet of yours re Sinister7. I'm in Calgary also, and also doing it. You doing it solo?

    Greg Kolodziejzyk


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