Monday, October 19, 2009

Have fun with VoIP at home

Well, for the last week I've been off of work on vacation and I've been using the time to work on my basement. Today was my first day off from basement work and I spent a little time in the evening playing with VoIP. Together with and, I now have a Washington state number setup that will ring on my PC. On top of that, through, I can dial number, which will record my voice and post it to twitter in seconds. Interesting what you can do in a couple hours :)

Check out and - you can be receiving calls from your friends in seconds...


  1. Do you know where to get a Canadian VOIP number? other than Vonage?

  2. I haven't been able to dig up a free provider. There are lots of SIP to PSTN providers (Search on google for Canadian SIP to PSTN providers) and many of them will provide a DID for a charge.

    Google Voice is apparently coming to Canada soon, but I can't confirm it :(

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